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I. Court of Appeal
A. Criminal Appeal

Court of Appeal - Criminal Appeal - Criminal law - bail - pending appeal - prospects of success

II. Court of First Instance
A. Construction and Arbitration Proceedings

Court of First Instance - Construction and Arbitration Proceedings - Arbitral proceedings - restraining proceedings - pending final determination of dispute in Mainland Chinese court

B. Magistracy Appeal

Court of First Instance - Magistracy Appeal - Criminal law - theft - oral confession - post-record - voluntariness - inducement

Court of First Instance - Magistracy Appeal - Criminal law - indecent assault - accidental touch - whether prosecution witness made judgment according to feeling - contradictions and discrepancies between witnesses

Court of First Instance - Magistracy Appeal - Criminal law - failing to comply with order of Buildings Authority

C. Miscellaneous Proceedings

Court of First Instance - Miscellaneous Proceedings - Companies and corporations - shareholder - inspection of documents of company - whether application made in good faith

III. District Court
A. Civil Action

District Court - Civil Action - Civil procedure - summary judgment - dishonoured cheque - triable issue

B. Personal Injuries Action

District Court - Personal Injuries Action - Tort - negligence - operation of tail gate platform - contributory negligence

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