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About the Academy

Message from the Chairlady

I am delighted to introduce to you the Hong Kong Academy of Law.

The Academy is a manifestation of the dedication of the Law Society of Hong Kong in promoting law to the public and in maintaining high standards in the profession in the interest of the public.

The main aims of the Academy are:

to raise public awareness of the rule of law and other core values of the legal profession;
to enhance public interest in the learning of law and to promote law as a "public profession";
to nurture social awareness of the connection between law and other community development; and
to provide pathway guidance to law students and quality development programmes for the profession.

In furtherance of these objects, the Academy organizes legal training courses, seminars, and community activities which are open to the general public. Very often, these programmes are graced by the presence of judges, foreign lawyers and prominent jurists from different jurisdictions which are able to enhance the participants' understanding of the legal systems of other jurisdictions. They strengthen Hong Kong's status as an international legal services centre and enable participants to explore business opportunities outside Hong Kong.  

The Academy also aims to provide a wide range of publications for practitioners to systematically maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills to meet the challenge of the changing demands of clients and society.

Through the above activities and many others in the pipeline, the Academy hopes to make a significant contribution to the promotion of legal knowledge and services.

The Academy requires your support and I look forward to your participation in the Academy's activities in different ways in the years to come.

Melissa Kaye Pang
Hong Kong Academy of Law

The management of the Academy of Law is vested in the Board of Directors.

Ms. Melissa Kaye Pang

Mr. C. M. Chan
Mr. Jimmy K. H. Chan
Mr. Calvin K. Cheng
Ms. Heidi K.P. Chu
Mr. Tom K. M. Fu
Mr. Roden M. L. Tong
Ms. Careen H. Y. Wong
Mr. Christopher K.K. Yu
Mr. Justin H. Y. Yuen


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